Site History

The site was originally part of the Gardens of Devonshire House, a grand London Mansion built in 1673 by John Berkeley (Baron Berkeley of Stratton) which continued up to Berkeley Square. The original Devonshire House was abandoned in the early 20th century and subsequently replaced by the modern-day commercial building of Devonshire House to the south. In 1926, the site of 50 Berkeley Street was first developed along with The Mayfair Hotel to the North, and the modern-day Lansdowne House. 50 Berkeley Street was built as an office building, but also housed car showrooms and was the Headquarters of the travel agent Thomas Cook, whilst 50 Stratton Street was redeveloped in the 1930s. 50 Berkeley Street was further extended in the 1950s, adding further floors and a new roof to the building. 50 Stratton Street was subsequently demolished and the current office building was constructed in the late 1990s. At that time 50 Berkeley Street underwent a substantial modernisation, with further expansion to the upper floors.

The Site Today

Today, the site is a diverse mix of office and retail usage. The buildings form a whole city block, defined by Berkeley Street to the East, Stratton Street to the West and North, and Mayfair Place to the South. Whilst they are separate buildings, 50 Berkeley Street and 50 Stratton Street share a lightwell. Neither building is listed, and the neighbouring properties Devonshire House and no. 6 and no. 8 Stratton Street are Grade II Listed. The buildings are within the Mayfair Conservation Area and the area of the adopted Mayfair Neighbourhood Plan.

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